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Coming Soon: Adobe CS5


Coming Soon: Adobe Creative Suite 5



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I am too an Indian

Now-a-days India is on its way to become Talibaan. Few people are trying hard to divide people on the basis of caste/religion/region. This kind of hatred politics is again trying to grow in India.

A year back or so, there was gurjar reservation issue in Rajasthan. People faced a lot due to this kind of nonsense. Then north Indians face heat in Maharashtra, just because of their hate thinking. Their cause may be right, but not the solution. Why can’t a person speak Hindi in India? Why can’t people do something which is as per constitution?

Now master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is being targeted. Why? Just because he said, I am a marathi, but proud to play for India.

If we are ready to accept all these things in India, then we are developing not a great nation but just Talibaan. We are developing nothing but hatred for out future generations. I pray God that India overcomes all this kind of problems, and march towards its goal of being developed country in year 2020.

Jai Hind.

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Flashback – Life-Profit Or Loss?

Last whole year, I didn’t share anything with you people. So I am just trying to summarize whole year in following two sections:

01) I got married on 2nd December 2008 in Udaipur.

02) I am no longer a bachelor now, so I try to maintain my office timing accurately.

03) I have bought a flat in Udaipur as well.

But in this last year, I lost so much. I lost my grandfather, grandmother, my pet Sweety. I miss all of them a lot. 😦

Life is very beautiful but hard. Not sure, what life actually is? On 20th October, 2009, I was returning to Delhi from Udaipur in Mewar Express with my wife. There was an accident of Mewar Exp-Goa Exp in Mathura, we survived. That was the day, I came to know what really life is.

I really want to cherish each and every moment of my life now. I want to reach to my friends and live life like I always did in past. So I’ll keep posting you about my ideas/ my life. Till then…cya….good night.

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YKhatri returns

A very long time…Once upon a time, I used to blog and suddenly I stopped blogging, because:

01) I thought, I am not sharing real good information with readers of my blog

02) I got engaged and was busy in my new life

03) Had good as well as tough time and could not find time to talk to my friends through my blog

I am planning to be back…Back with lots of memories, new blog entries, new updates…Hopefully in this new era of returns to Blogging, I’ll try to provide fruitful information. So friends! My greetings as first entry of new phase of my blog. Catch u soon. πŸ™‚

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Tata’s Nano


Congratulations to Ratan Tata on successful launch of Rs 1 Lakh car named Nano. I really appreciate his efforts. In fact, this motive of Tata will make normal indian people’s dreams true. I am seeing this moment as Dhirubhai Ambani’s Reliance mobile revolution in India.

It may be my personal opinion but I feel that mobile was not as necessary before 4-5 years as it is today . Reliance came up with idea of mobile Rs 5000, then Rs 3000 and finally Rs 300. Reliance mobile became necessary accessory for normal Indian people – middle class, vegetable wala, rickshaw wala etc. And it was really good too. As if a person may not buy some good phone and service provider’s plan, it doesn’t mean that he/she should not be using anything, there should be something which he/she can use for basic purpose at least.

Similarly, Tata’s Nano may not give everything to the user but it will definitely give following facilities to users:

  1. It will prevent people from sunlight, rain and cold at least

  2. It will be in people’s budget

  3. It will carry at least 4 people, which is not possible on Bike/Scooter with so much ease

I guess these three major points will really attract people towards Nano and it will rock the Indian Market. I again congratulate Ratan Tata for thinking as a normal middle class Indian and give them such a great gift in year 2008.

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Year 2008


Happy new year….belated…… Year 2007 was really a great year for me too. If I look back, I see my Noida transfer was the biggest story for me in year 2007. But what 2008 is having for me, I have to wait and see.

So happy new year to all of you again with a free calendar created by me and Randeep. You may download this calendar by right clicking "Save target as" on following image:

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The good time


I had a very nice time in past few weeks. The reason behind this good time is not one, there are many reasons. First reason is after coming from Lansdowne, I had another chance of an outing with my team. This outing was for Entertainment WorldThe Great India Palace, Noida followed by dinner at Food mall at the same place. The place was really amazing with adventurous rides. I enjoyed 4 out of 5 rides, the one which I missed was really horrible and I already had tested other 4 which I managed somehow. Overall, it was a great experience and everyone was so happy after this outing.

Entertainment World – Noida                                                  Friends in Bharatpur for Shalini’s marriage

Last week, I was in Rajasthan for my friend Shalini’s marriage. First I went to Bharatpur on 01st December, 2007 and I attended wedding of Shalini. Being in Bharatpur with friends was really a great moment and we all went to Ghana Bird Sanctuary also. Then I moved to Jaipur for a day and stayed in my bhua’s [aunt] house. I met my cousin Shaanu and Chinu, both kids were really happy with my visit and I was also very happy after seeing them.

Bird Sanctuary, Bharatpur

The same night, I started for Jodhpur -  to meet my brother Prahlad and attend the marriage of my friend Sanjay in Mathaniya. I reached Jodhpur and met my brother. I was there in Jodhpur for half-a-day with my brother and then I moved to Mathaniya for Sanjay’s marriage reception. Again, it was great to be with friend in his marriage. Next morning, I was back in Jodhpur and me and my brother met with my friend Sandeep. We had chance to meet Sandeep’s new born baby. Prahlad and Sandeep dropped me at the Jodhpur railway station at 6:20 and I retuned back to Noida.

Friends at Shalini’s marriage                                                                                        Sanjay and Vineet

I was very much excited with my planning of ACE examination and thought to take it up last Wednesday, just after reaching back to Noida but I postopned it for almost a week for more preparation. And finally, I took this examination on this Tuesday with success. πŸ™‚ So now I am Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Illustrator CS2.

Overall, with team, with friends, with ACE, the time was really liked by me and finally I am sharing with all these things with you because few days back my blog’s hit count crossed 10K hits and it is having total hits of
10,346. Thanks for love of all you people. This blog of mine is way to be in touch with you alll, to keep you updated about my life, about my hobbies, my likes-dislikes. In this journey of more than 10K hits, I had only 50 posts and the most hit posts were – Annie’s Mahiyaa and Mauli’s Maiyaa Maiyaa posts. Keep visitng my blog with love and I wish a great new year for all of you. Happy new year in advance.

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Lansdowne Trip


Last weekend, I was in Lansdowne [Uttranchal]. This trip was organized by team AI and it was truly a great and appreciable effort. We started for Old Delhi Rlwy Station on Friday at 8:30 PM from the office. Our seats were reserved in coach B-2 in Mussorie express, which started at its right time 10:30 PM. Our destination was Kotdwar. The whole night was fun, and we all did full masti. In fact, all the team members were so happy and pulling legs of each other.

We reached Kotdwar early in the morning by 6:00 AM. We started for Lansdowne by buses [already booked]. We reached resort "Blue Pine Resort" at almost 8:30. After having breakfast at around 10:30, we started for local sight-seeing. We went to Tip-n-top, which is the top most place of the hill on which our resort was located. We can see Himalayas [white snow mountains] from this place, but these mountains are quite far so don’t expect a very close view of the mountains. Now we headed towards Bhulla Lake, which is a man-made lake. This lake has been made for the army people basically. Here few of my teammates chose for boating. Then we went to the Church, I forgot the exact name of it. But in this church, we watched movie about "The Gharwal Rifles" and it was really good.


Lansdowne – The Natural Beauty                                                Friends on a great trip

After these many visits, we decided to go back to the resort. After having lunch, I slept for almost 2 hours. In the evening time, we had tea and snacks. Now few of us started for the Lansdowne market, and there we found nothing to buy. πŸ™‚ We came back to the resort and it was time for the camp fire. We all started playing "Dumb-shiraj". Then we all rocked the dance floor. I am still having memories of Mohan anna’s superb South Indian dance steps and Karan and Anish’s Punjabi Bhangara steps and my jumping dance steps. Shariq, Manish, Shashwat – everyone was dancing like anything, and why not, we all were having a great weekend, far from Noida and in the very beautiful natural location.

Blue Pine Resort- We stayed here                             Karan, Anish, me and Shariq [on dance floor]

Next morning we all started for Taadakeshwar Mahadev. We all were divided in two buses. One bus went to the Taadakeshwar, but the bus in which we were didn’t go. So actually what happened? The place mentioned is at the bottom of the hill and quite far from resort. When we started coming down, slowly slowly people started feeling vomiting. 1-2-3 and 4, 4 people from my bus were in real bad condition. A call was taken, whether we should continue for this place or return. The decision was to return. Hence we all returned back to the resort.

Camp Fire                                                             Mohan, Anish, Shariq and Me [Roaming in market]

After coming back to the resort, I and Mohan played TT for long time. Even Ravi and Yogesh Sharma joined us. Then we had lunch and started playing Cricket. We played Cricket for quite long time. We all started for Kotdwar after evening tea. When we started for Kotdwar, we tried to utilize the time and DB [Dinkar Bhatia] sung songs for all of us – "Tu maike mat jaaiyo" and "Neela Aasmaan Kho gaya". I liked his songs a lot and admired too. Great going DB, keep it up. In fact, his Neela Assmaan song was so right at the time, because when we were in Lansdowne, the sky was so blue and bright [see the photograph], that I was really astonished. We people living in cities can’t see the same sky because of pollution. Overall we had a great time but our trip was at its end.

Finally we were back in office on Monday morning with the same usual life, but after enjoying a happy and refreshing weekend.

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First of all belated happy Diwali to all. I believe that all of you had a great Deepawali and going to have great year ahead. I went to my native for Deepawali celebrations. My home is in the process of renovation, so this time we couldn’t decorate our house but Deepawali was awesome. Being with family is always good and I always feel very happy with that. I wouldn’t take much time in writing details on Deepawali, even this time here are two snaps from Deepawali day:

Me and My Family

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Jodhpur Trip


I visited my brother Prahlad and friend in Jodhpur on 29th October. Though I am late in writing about this trip, here is a short description about the trip. I reached Jodhpur by Mandor Express, which reached Jodhpur almost 2 hours late. I was not aware that Sandeep, my friend and ex-room partner in college time, was coming to receive me. He was at Jodhpur railway station to receive me. I was very happy after seeing Sandeep, he hasn’t changed at all except that he is no longer a bachelor. πŸ™‚ My brother was having his class at that time. But everything was already planned between Prahlad and Sandeep, so he took me to my brothers room. I refreshed myself after reaching there. My brother arrived with breakfast, we all had breakfast. Now it was time to move to Sandy’s house. Sandy, me and my bro reached to Sandy’s house. We had delicious lunch made by our bhabhiji. Thanks to bhabhi for such an authentic marwari food. The lunch menu brings water in my mouth till today – it was having rasgullas, bhindi, dal, raita, chaptis and Jodhpuri Pulao. Sandy offered rasgullas to me and my bro before we start batting for lunch. It was the moment which was clear symbol of Sandy is having cultural habits in his blood.

MeAndSandeepSandeep and Prahlad

01) Me and Sandy                                                   02) Sandy and Brother Prahlad

Then we all started for Mehranghar fort, symbol of bravery and great indian architecture. Its really a beautiful spot to visit. Old weapons, architecture, halls and costumes, it was very fascinating. This is the place from where if you see the city, you come to know why few people say it "Blue City". But Jodhpur is not blue city, its "Sun City". Then we went to "Mandor Garden", it is also a nice place to visit. I have attached few snaps here taken from my mobile N91.

Then we returned to Sandy’s home for dinner. After dinner, he dropped us at bus stand and me and my bro went to our native for 2 days stay. This visit of mine helped me in meeting my brother and Sandy. Sandy was very angry with me, as I couldn’t attend his wedding in January. I believe this he should be happy now. So this trip of mine is dedicated to friendship….long live friendship.

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